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AT: Wilkie doing some sort of magic by Angelchao64 AT: Wilkie doing some sort of magic :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 5 2 My brand new OC: Pearie the Pearrot by Angelchao64 My brand new OC: Pearie the Pearrot :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 5 0 Knuck it off Knuckles by Angelchao64 Knuck it off Knuckles :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 5 1 Incineroar the not fighting type starter by Angelchao64 Incineroar the not fighting type starter :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 6 2 Spectrum meme while I use my pokemon characters by Angelchao64 Spectrum meme while I use my pokemon characters :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 4 0 AT: Edgy pawniard cycling night by Angelchao64 AT: Edgy pawniard cycling night :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 6 1 Alolan Marowak is so cool! by Angelchao64 Alolan Marowak is so cool! :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 6 2 Stained glass patterned Angelchao by Angelchao64 Stained glass patterned Angelchao :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 3 0 I will never play Pokemon Go.. by Angelchao64 I will never play Pokemon Go.. :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 4 5
PokeProfile: Sweetie the butterfree
Basic Stuff:
Name- Sweetie the butterfree
Nickname(s)- Butterfree mom, sour, bitterfree, Buttfree (called by Heat when angry), Stun magnet, Honey
Gender/Age/Birthday- Female/16/April 20th
Specie- Butterfree
Family- Currently lives with Tina the wartortle
Friends- Punchy (hitmonchan), G. Sword (gligar), Kappy (hitmontop), Whirly (politoed). Tina (wartortle), Hoshi (Meowstic- online friend)
Sexuality- Aromantic Asexual
Current job- Honey gathering and farming
Dream(s)- Get MOAR honey!
Favorite Quote- "Heads I win! I lay a curse on you!"
Pokemon related stuff:
Psybeam/Stun Spore
Notice- Butterfree can learn teleport in gen one
Previous moves:
Tackle, string shot, confusion,
poison powder, harden (egg only)
Nature- Quirky (Somewhat stubborn)
Level- 45
Attack- 126
Defense- 78
Sp. Atk- 130
Sp. Def
:iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 2 1
PokeProfile: Angel the panwiard
Basic Stuff:
Name- Angel the pawniard
Nickname(s)- P. Angel (I call her that), Pinky, Princess pain, Teachers pet, girl, Blady lady, Sugar/Pink puff, Sweetheart (When flirted), Drama queen, and Foolish knave
Gender/Age/Birthday- Female, 23, and September 12th
Specie- Pawniard (Dark/Steel)
Family- Currently lives with 23 pawnairds in the village right now.. AKA Pawniard Village~
Friends- G. Sword (gliagr), Rei (pawniard), Cal (spearrow), Knives (sneasel), and Heat (hitmontop)
Sexuality- Demisexual
Current job- Coffee maker at Arboks coffee
Dream(s)- Evolving into a bisharp, keeping her brothers happy and healthy, training her spearow Cal to obey her, proving Rei that she's tough too, and becoming a dance teacher
Favorite Quote- "Even the most toughest of guys has a softie spot somewhere!"
Pokemon related stuff:
Metal claw/Thunderwave
Psycho cut/Swords dance
:iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 2 2
Puddles the Popplio chilling somewhere by Angelchao64 Puddles the Popplio chilling somewhere :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 14 3 Gen 7 starters! HYPE!!! by Angelchao64 Gen 7 starters! HYPE!!! :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 12 7 PMD expression meme - Pawniard Angel by Angelchao64 PMD expression meme - Pawniard Angel :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 5 2 P. Angels new partner Cal! by Angelchao64 P. Angels new partner Cal! :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 3 1 Pokesona meme with Angel~ by Angelchao64 Pokesona meme with Angel~ :iconangelchao64:Angelchao64 6 7
Feel free to look though my art gallery. However I don't upload as much art on my DA as I used to but I'll still try and be as active as I possibly can~

Free Watermark Pink by PeppermentPanda Do Not Repost Button by Mel-Rosey .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

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:bulletblue: Hey I'm watching you can you watch me back? - Sorry no.. I only watch people who has art that interests me however there may be acceptations like if you are my close friend or if your art interests me.

:bulletblue: I drew you something can you draw me back something as thanks? - Why would you do something so gross? I do not tolerate "unasked art trades" with you guys. No I will not draw you something cause you drew something for me out of the blue!

:bulletblue: Hey can you draw ___? I'll give you points/cash/my soul for it! : Commissions closed sorry.

:bulletblue: What tools do you use to draw? - I sketch with a tablet and I do the rest with a mouse

:bulletblue: Can we do a RP? - Ehh I only RP with people who I at least remotely know and I don't do RP's on this site anymore.

:bulletblue: Why do you post more art on tumblr then here? - The comments and favorite collection system on DA so cause of it I only post art I am proud of on DA while I post whatever I felt like drawing on tumblr. Tumblr doesn't have a comments system unless a person reblogs and almost no one reblogs my art on tumblr and likes don't do anything ether.

:bulletblue: Can we do an art trade? - Close friends only! Back then I used to do them but I never ever get my half back so cause of this it's strictly for close friends only.

:bulletblue: How do you draw so good? - Practice makes perfect~ Seriously though my art used to suck back at 2011 and under but after years I developed a rather adorable art style. It's all up to drawing ALOT of pictures over the years.

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Angel Chao
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
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:iconangelchaolaplz: Thank you for visiting my page! :iconangelchaolaplz:

I'm Angelchao the chaos hero chao and this is my somewhat fancy DA page so welcome! I don't come here nor post here very often mainly cause I have been losing interest in drawing and DA in general. If you do love my art and want to see more then visit my tumblr and look through the "my art" tag to see them. So in the meantime Ciao~

:bulletblue: Currently living in Northern Maine I came from Southern California

:bulletblue: Obsessed with cute things and sweets. Of course~ :heart:

:bulletblue: Tries my best to post artwork here and simply being active too.

:bulletblue: Currently has an unhealthy pokemon obsession.

:bulletblue: I'm not very social on DA but I do read my comments even though most of the time I don't respond.

:bulletblue: Stupid people will not be tolerated! If you ask me stupid questions you will be ignored! *pokes FAQ*

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